Carpet Cleaning Technology and Equipment

You can’t always notice dirty carpets since soil tends to hide deep in the fibers below the carpet’s surface. That’s why carpet care is crucial, whether it’s in your home or office because it can affect your health, indoor air quality and cause potential allergic reactions.

If we compare the past industry cleaning trends with today’s, nothing has changed drastically. We do have a couple of encapsulate-type cleaners and some cleaning tools, but that’s not nearly enough to keep our carpets in pristine condition without putting in a lot of work.

Unfortunately, without new equipment and cleaning solutions, maintenance practices can’t evolve. That’s why in the last ten years, we have seen that carpet care industry invested a lot in automation and batteries.

Now, let’s focus more on carpet cleaning equipment and see what to expect in the future!

Green approach

Even though this isn’t necessarily new, a green certificate is starting to gain popularity as more and more companies are opting for alternative products containing this certification. Having this certificate means you are committed to keeping our environment clean.

We can definitely say that green technology will shape the production of cleaning solutions and the equipment used in this industry.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions
Professional Carpet Cleaning


We could say that cleaning solutions have advanced to some extent. We now have encapsulating carpet cleaners that are far superior to traditional carpet cleaning solutions. They are able to perform deep cleaning, lift and encapsulate the soil and dirt while minimizing musty, foul odor that sometimes happens during the extraction process.

Instead, it leaves translucent crystals that continue to draw the moisture out of the carpet, decreasing the drying time and getting rid of the odor in the longer run. If you apply this cleaning process, it will leave your carpets clean longer, which automatically minimizes the maintenance cycle.

Basically, the encapsulation process disables soil from sticking to the carpet, making fibers sleek. In that case, the dirt can’t attach to the carpet’s fibers that fast.


In recent years, we have seen the demand to increase vacuum power by using alternative sources and motors. While portable vacuum cleaners had only a fraction of the power of truck mounts, things are slowly beginning to change, and now they have similar power.


The usage of carpet cleaning wands has minimized the physical stress on users, making it much more comfortable to pull and push the wand continuously. Over time, these carpet tools have become more ergonomic, minimizing injuries among employees and saving workers from downtime.

These types of tools have also managed to boost the drying time of wet extractions. In the past, we couldn’t fully understand and embrace the science of vacuums, but now we can, and we managed to accomplish amazing results. We have concluded that it’s better to purchase a high-quality wand than a bigger truck mount.

Cordless vacuums

Cordless technology in the carpet cleaning industry has progressed significantly, allowing manpower to be more mobile while eliminating cords completely. We reached the technological breakthrough, where lithium-ion batteries are strong enough to meet the demands of cleaning professionals.

Therefore, this industry can take advantage of cordless technology. Nowadays, you can find plenty of cordless vacuum cleaners which help professional cleaners solve problems within their facilities. Let’s not forget smart vacuum cleaners, but since they just recently appeared, their cleaning capacity is limited, and they are used only for minor touch ups.

Innovative carpet cleaning and the future trends

As changes in the carpet cleaning industry happen, it’s crucial to note that robots today work alongside people and their mission isn’t to replace them, but to facilitate manual labor. Many industries use robots to boost their efficiency and not to eliminate manpower.

While robots are still far away from residential properties, we have seen some innovations in large areas such as big conference centers and airports. The cordless equipment will continue to positively impact this industry, ensuring safety, convenience, and productivity.

When it comes to battery technology, this one will also continue to have a substantial gain. In the future, we expect to see more innovative configurations, lighter weights, and longer runtimes. Considering more and more facilities are opting for cordless equipment, the uses and application of these will evolve. People will find out that vacuums can do a lot of things in a room, without the hindrance of a cord.

Chemistry compliance and new equipment rules will impose changes in cleaning products and practices. Therefore, the most important thing would be to choose products that are both effective and meet imposed regulations. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, companies will be more focused on the chemistry that sanitizes and disinfects carpets to prevent further outbreaks.

In the end, one thing is sure, with all these innovations on the horizon, carpet care will continue to evolve, creating new opportunities for people working in this industry.