What Does A Toronto Commercial Cleaning Company Do?

Commercial cleaning companies usually handle all cleaning requirements for Toronto industrial and commercial properties.

Some of the Toronto properties that commercial cleaners clean include the following.

• Shops

• High-rises

• Data centers

• Showrooms

• Restaurants

• Factories

• Schools

• Function centers

• Government facilities

• Medical facilities

• Offices

Why Should You Hire A Commercial Cleaner?

Your office is the center of your transactions, decision-making and discussions with other stakeholders. Therefore, you need to keep it clean so you can run the business effortlessly. If your office was a mess, you would have a hard time impressing clients, boosting property value and keeping everyone motivated to work.

Yes, your employees have the responsibility of organizing their personal desks. However, they might not be too keen with recycling or taking out the trash. Even worse, they might have a hard time cleaning out the fridge if someone else made a mess. You need to consider the areas in your office that need to be cleaned thoroughly, especially the common areas.

For instance, if you are inviting clients and customers, you should always make sure that your storefront is clean. Commercial cleaners should be able to clean, mop, vacuum, wax floors, dust or sanitize the bathrooms often used by the customers. If your office looks magnificent, everyone will get the message that appearance is a top priority. Even better, your clients will feel at home when they are on a clean commercial property.

Next, you should make sure that your workspace is properly maintained. Commercial cleaners can clean the floors, take out the trash, sanitize the bathrooms and eating spaces or any other required light cleaning on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to invest in cleaning services frequently such as dusting the tech and equipment or window cleaning.

Don’t forget about the cleaning supplies and how your company will handle the cleaning process. Most commercial cleaners bring their own materials, supplies and equipment, especially commercial cleaning chemicals. Of course, if there are any special requirements you may have, it’s a good idea to disclose them to the cleaning service so they can best suited to meet your commercial cleaning needs. Toronto commercial cleaning specialists should be able to take care of any cleaning related requirements you may need.


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Cleaning Equipment & Methods

Most commercial cleaning companies rely on various cleaning techniques, chemicals and equipment to guarantee the best results for any job they undertake. In most cases, commercial cleaning involves routine and general cleaning such as:

• Tiles

• Internal walls

• Floors

• Partition walls

• Lighting

• Furniture

• Suspended ceilings

• Window cleaning

• Dining/kitchen areas

• Washing facilities

They can also offer carpet cleaning with hot water extracting methods, every 1-2 years. Some may offer external commercial cleaning duties that involve picking up trash, removing graffiti and much more.

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

The type of services offered by a commercial cleaner depends on their contract and your budget. Are you wondering how much you will pay for commercial cleaning services? You should contact the local commercial cleaning companies and ask for a quote. If possible, ask for at least 3 quotes and make sure they are properly detailed. That way, you can compare each quote and choose the best one for your commercial cleaning needs.

Once you choose to hire commercial cleaners for your office, you need to pay for what you can get.

In most cases, they supply a checklist of their services. We have a checklist of the common commercial cleaning services for the most affordable plans. If you don’t have a checklist ready, go through ours and find out the thoroughness of your current commercial cleaning company. Remember, we have been doing this for a very long time and understand that our competitors will never coming close to the type of services we offer.

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Daily Commercial Cleaning Checklist

The reception area of your company will either make a positive or a negative first impression to everyone who walks through your doors. Make sure this area is bright, clean and inviting.

Everyone should have a clean work environment.

With a clean and well-organized workplace, it’s easy for every employee to become productive. Some of the cleaning tasks for this area and other office spaces include the following.

• Vacuuming hard floors

• Emptying waste bins and replacing liners. Washing whenever necessary

• Wiping horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth for chairs, desks, tables and any other type of furniture

• Vacuuming mats and carpets

• Dusting horizontal surfaces such as tables, chairs, desks and other types of furniture

• Mopping the hard floors using disinfectants

• Removing cobwebs from every area

• Collecting garbage, papers, bottles and anything else from the front entrance

• Make sure that every area is cleaned and arranged neatly

• Spot cleaning painted surfaces and walls

• Removing fingerprints from door frames and light switches

• Polish brass and bright work on doors and cabinets

• Wiping all internal glass

• Cleaning automatic glass doors inside and out

Bathroom And Kitchen/Break Room Cleaning Checklist

You need to have a clean and sanitized bathroom in your company. It’s the best way to ensure safety and reduce the spread of germs. The same rules should be followed for the kitchens or break-rooms where employees have their meals. These places should always be clean and sanitary, even if there is no food preparation in place. The cleaning checklist for these areas includes the following.

• Removing garbage from all the areas

• Mopping kitchen and bathroom floors using disinfectants

• Cleaning elevators and stairs

• Removing splash marks from partitions, around sinks and walls

• Dusting the top of mirrors, partitions and frames

• Cleaning and sanitizing all sinks.

• Emptying trash receptacles, wiping them down when necessary and replacing the liners

• Polishing all bright work

• Cleaning and polishing mirrors

• Wiping hand towel dispensers and hand dryers

• Stocking toilet paper, hand soap, facial tissues and hand towels

• Spot cleaning internal glass in the doors

• Vacuuming and mopping all floors

• Disinfecting and cleaning urinals and toilets, sanitizing them on both sides and wiping them dry.

Weekly Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Here are some of the weekly cleaning duties that your cleaning company should offer.

• Cleaning all the glass both outside and inside using a squeegee

• Spray buffing all hard floors

Monthly Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Every month, your commercial cleaners should vacuum vents and chairs in the commercial property.

Looking through the entire commercial cleaning checklist, you will find that these are basic cleaning processes that your commercial cleaner should handle effortlessly. If you have a cleaning service that is not doing their job as required, you can always call our company. Having been in the commercial cleaning business for a long time, we are here to help with any commercial cleaning you need.